Different Haircuts that Suits the Shape of Your Face

A new look is what most people want to have whether male or female. Each of us would make an effort just to stay beautiful or handsome looking, isn’t it? What are the things that we usually do to take care of our body and to stay young and beautiful? Things or activities such as daily exercise, proper diet, regular check-up, visiting the salon for hair treatment or haircut are some of the things that we do. Haircut is actually one of the basic and common activities or routines that we do.

Each of us have different face shape. Some have round, oval, and heart shape while others have a square and diamond shape. Shapes like heart, square, and diamond are not really just like the real shapes. Anyways, if you want to become gorgeous and handsome looking, follow only the right haircut for your face shape.

Oval Shape. A person with this face shape is very lucky. Any haircut or hairstyle fits him or her. Whether boy-cut style, short, long, straight or curly style, anything suits an oval-shaped face.

Round Shape. In order to make the face look like an oval-shaped, haircut with bangs and layered style are good. It will make the face look slim.

Square Shape. Choose long hairstyles, blunt cuts until shoulder length, feathery bangs, and long bangs or layered hairstyle will suit a squared-shape face.

Heart Shape. Soft, curly, and wavy hairstyles are perfect for a heart-shaped face. Pixie cuts, choppy layers, and long bangs are great choices.

Diamond Shape. If you have a long hair, choose blunt, shoulder length cut, or wispy bangs.