Facial Hair and its Facts

Why are there facial hair for men and women. Actually, having the growth of these kinds of hair is the result of hormones being secreted by the pituitary gland for the reproductive system.

Actually, it is normal for men because during their puberty, their testosterone, a hormone responsible for male reproductive system, stimulates the part of the face to grow hair. This is because of the androgens being secreted. Women too have androgens secreted but if the level of androgens being secreted goes up, they will grow hair on the faces. It is a hormonal defect because a normal face of a woman is hairless.

Hair can grow to be long if not cleaned. One thing is that hair can grow darker depending on how people clean them.

Since human are so concerned of their face, they do every possible means to clean their faces and that it is very normal for women to remove their facial hair because for them it is very unpleasant and is not a norm in their race. While some are making effort to remove their mustache, some nationality bears mustache as a custom such as India. Indian men take mustache as part of their identity and it also part of manhood and beauty.

In this new generation, someĀ  men are now removing their mustache and they found out that it is nicer. However, all through out the country, there are still numerous men keeping them. It is life for them. Women in India are used to it.